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Twitter 103: Following & followers

This is the social part of Twitter. The part that will make you feel amazingly special to be loved by complete strangers or a bit like you have reverted back to middle school where you really care a lot about how many signatures you have in your year book. The key is to come up with an initial goal for the ratio of how many followers you have to how many people you follow. Get that initial ratio then scale up later.  

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Twitter 102: Your profile

​You don't get a lot to work with here, so you better make it worthwhile. (This is the name of the Twitter game if I haven't made that obvious yet.) You have 140 characters to explain why someone should follow you, so this is the first place you can make it clear what you will be tweeting about, what you want to read tweets about as well as do all the things a profile usually does (establish credibility, allow identification, create interest, etc).

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Twitter 101: An introduction

​Twitter is an annoying, omnipresent, love-it-or-hate-it, really hard to ignore part of our strange world. A big part of the problems is that so many people don't understand what it is really good at and therefore either have unfair expectations or use it incorrectly. Here is part 1 of a beginner's guide for all those who are doing it wrong. 

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