Next Steps

Early this year I started doing Next Steps sessions with a handful of entrepreneurs. The idea is to provide is to quickly answer the question, "what do I do next?", with one simple action to take after the session is over. You can do your own Next Steps session, starting by answering the following questions with no more than a sentence each:

  1. What problem does your company solve?
  2. How does your company solve that problem?
  3. How does your company make money?
  4. Who are your competitors?
  5. Who makes up your team?
  6. What is your goal for the company?
  7. What is your personal goal in your work with the company?

Now as you look over your answers, pull out the most important answers and start a list from #1 on down, as many as you have. Which of these goals, organizations, people, skills, products, etc. do you have? Which do you need most? Take that top item and make a new list - what do you need in order to get it or make it better? If you haven't yet come up with something you can do right now, call me and we will find one together!