Survey Response

For the sake of transparency, I want share my own responses to the introduction survey I have made for everyone interested in joining The Found. I hope it both gives you some insight into what I am looking for as well as why I am doing it and who I am. I look forward to reading your responses!


PAGE 1: So you are interested in The Found. I have some questions for you!

Q1: Tell me about yourself.

  • What unique gift will you bring to The Found? I am like the sandpaper you strike a match on - I catalyze fire!
  • What do you hope The Found will bring to you? A community of like-minded people
  • What skills can you help others to develop? General business thinking: strategy, marketing, finance. Start-up operations. Balancing work & life. Finding and pursuing a dream.
  • What skills do you wish to develop? art making, leadership
  • What do you love to do? Make things happen, be outside in the sunshine, have great conversations
  • If you had the tools and the time, would (or do) you enjoy fixing your own car? Yes!
  • Do you like to be involved in making the food you eat? At which point of the process? All parts, from building the garden to doing the dishes.
  • What floats your boat? What sinks it? Connection, good food, beautiful space floats my boat. Being physically uncomfortable sinks it.
  • Would you consider your life balanced? If not, what is it missing? If so, tell me a little about it. Yes, I have created a life of flow and balance in all aspects - physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social.

Q2: Tell me about your work.

  • What work do you do? Business design
  • In which industry do you operate? All, but mostly social, media, technology
  • Why did you chose this work? I love computers and people
  • What is your vision for your work? To do meta-business design - helping people design the businesses that are designing products & services
  • How long have you been doing this work? Various components of it for 9 years, business design as a cohesive service for 1.5 years
  • How long have you been working for yourself? 1.5 years
  • What about this work brings you the most joy? Seeing visions come to fruition
  • What do you want to change about your work? I want a place where culture supports creation to show how important it is

Q3: Financials.

  • How long has your work been profitable? If it isn't, how long until it will be? For about 8 months
  • What is your average monthly revenue? (For the next few questions, put expected amounts if you aren't yet fulling up and running. Please note that in your answer.) $3,500
  • How many hours do you work to bring in that revenue? 35
  • What is your average monthly expenditure? $2,000
  • What is your hourly rate as an individual? $100
  • What percentage of your profit would you be willing to give in exchange for work space? In other words, what is the value of comfortable, productive space for you? 30%

Q4: Needs: please share more about what kind of space you want. We have plans for a variety of different uses, from office space to a workshop to an art studio to a full kitchen. These spaces will also vary in privacy, from totally open to totally individual.

  • What type of space(s) are you looking for? Please share the important, defining characteristics of your ideal space(s). A work space for both computer work and art-making. It needs to have light and air as well as quiet
  • How much space do you need? maybe 100 square feet
  • What do you plan to do in the space(s)? Work on a computer making sound art and running The Found, have meetings, make art (drawings, paintings, collage), dance
  • About how many hours per week or month (note which) would you like to use space? 30 hours per week
  • How many people will you be bringing regularly (colleagues)? How about customers? Any other kinds of guests or collaborators? None regularly, maybe a guest or two per week for a few hours meetings or brainstorming sessions

Q6: Tell me about yourself and how you would like to be contacted.

  • Individual's name Tiffany J. Hopkins
  • Business name (if different) The Found
  • City/Town Oakland
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number 53061506008
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