Planning for the worst when all you can see is the best

When things start ramping up, when everyone is getting excited, when everything starts moving on its own, especially after a long period of pushing, don't forget your earlier focus on the details, thoroughness of thought and dedication to simplicity. 

Focus on details: when big things start happening its easy to lose sight of the little stuff. Take the time to keep details a primary focus of your energies.

Thoroughness of thought: when the things you have been hoping for begin to happen, its easy to get rosy-eyed-glasses. Don't lose your ability to see as many sides of the equation as possible and if you find yourself slipping out of realisticness, call on a stern friend to give you a second opinion. A good example is not making solid contractual agreements with new clients or investors.

Dedication to simplicity: when resources are no longer scarce it can be tempting to expand offerings, create new structures or grow as fast as possible. This is the most important time to keep your eye on the prize - the original one - the one that lead those resources to you in the first place. if things start to get too complicated or diluted, its easy to fall off track.