The Found

The Vision: to enable visionaries to pursue their crafts by removing the (psychological, physical) barrier of money.

The Tools: funding, business skills training, strategy development and community building.

The Target: people, teams, groups, organizations, businesses, ventures who have vision of themselves and their future. They know how they fit into their world today and tomorrow. They know how to act on their vision. They want a community to manifest that reality with them.

The People: a group of sector-specific mentors to provide guidance, experienced professionals to provide support and action-oriented visionaries to move things forward.

The Structure: a company which employs support professionals for general business activities and engages mentors for sector-specific knowledge. A company that provides the framework in which to determine what is needed to take the next step and whatever help is needed to take that step. Soliciting investments for production capital when necessary.

The Business Model: employes' time is provided in exchange for goods and services. Funding is provided in exchange for the promise to contribute future profits to our future projects.

The Goal: to create a new class of investment that supports a new form of venture.

The Philosophy:

  • Money is just a medium, not a goal.
  • Money can be a crippling barrier or a fearless liberator.
  • People don't actually need money, they need food, water, air, shelter, love, freedom, etc: only some of which you can get with money - and all of which you can get through trade, barter, gifts, time and work.
  • To unite vision with action is the highest aspiration.
  • Manifestation likes specificity, requires vision and .
  • Nothing grows in isolation: growth only happens in unified systems.
  • Giving is nice, but teaching is much more productive.
  • Creation is more fun than consumption. 
  • Fulfillment breeds efficiency.
  • Vision can't be given or taught, but it can be inspired and supported.
  • Communication is key.
  • All fundamentals applicable to individuals are relevant to groups and vice versa.