I work with all sorts of people, organizations and groups! Each engagement is different but I have a few common themes: 

  • very clearly defined deliverables (for consulting) or topic (for advising) to be decided upon when we draw up our working agreement
  • fixed start and end dates and a within-project timeline that is as flexible as you would like it
  • a standard rate of  $150 per hour
  • a mix of worktime in your space and my own
  • a project length of 2 days to 8 weeks at full-time or up to 3 days per week at part-time
  • payment can be by check, bank transfer or PayPal
    • consulting: I will provide a timesheet, invoice and expense breakdown (if applicable) with final deliverables, payment is due upon receipt
    • advising: payment is required at the time of the session