Tarot Readings

My Tarot psyuedonym is Piff. I took the word for A Sudden Revelation (epiphany, and less directly, Tiffany) and shortened it into Insignificant (piff). That's how I like to do readings: I'm the insignificant part of your epiphany. 

I've been studying and practicing tarot for about ten years and really got into it while living in Singapore in 2011. I had brought the Aquarian deck my mother had given to me (and her father had given to her) and grew out of the tiny booklet it came with. I bought 78 Degrees of Wisdom on Amazon and it took six weeks for it to arrive all the way over there. I've read a few other books and have practiced with friends, family and strangers alike. I have integrated much of my other occult studies, particularly that of Mayan astrology, into my readings. When I moved to NYC in 2015 I looked up the author, Rachel Pollack, and emailed her to ask if she taught classes. Much to my delight, she holds quarterly day-long workshops on the Hudson River, which have deepened my understanding and abilities more than I thought possible.

I still read with the Aquarian deck and have added a few other decks to my repertoire.  We can meet over the phone or in person if you are visiting Lily Dale. If we're over the phone, the best option is for you to have your own deck but don't worry about getting one til after you've had at least one reading. If you already have one, let me know which it is so I can use the same one with you.

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