I’m an explorer, always ready to move into uncharted territory: just give me a place to go and I'll be back shortly - with a map. What does that mean? Driving the operational change and consumer education needed to create new markets.

A few past achievements: 


• Led departments at four successful e-com start-ups (marketing, BI & product)
• Advised tech & media companies in over 25 countries on new market entry
• Created a new way of financial modelling for user-centered design prototyping
• Developed cross-departmental communication tools that fundamentally improved how my past three employers handled innovation


A few details on my work style:

• I work best as the hub in a team of specialists with defined goals, enough space to experiment and adequate resources to make it happen
• I act by understanding the entire landscape: company goals, financial realities, consumer mindsets, investor expectations, market data, weather patterns....
• I think carefully & move quickly, solve opportunities not problems, prove points not stick on them
• I communicate effectively distilling (making complex ideas simple) or pinpointing (getting the full story on a tiny detail) - but the big picture is where I thrive


I enjoy talking to strangers, so don't be afraid to call (530-615-6008) or email me (thopkins@nobox.us).