My Living Kitchen

I keep a small herd of kitchen pets and experiment with cooking all sorts of delicious, healthy things. I document what I can on my Medium blog. Here are a selection of recipes and how-tos.


How To Grow Delicious Slabs of Bacteria and Yeast To Flavor Water

Much like sausage, kombucha is one of those things for which you may not want to learn a creation story. But if you are hooked and tired of buying it for $5+tax per bottle (I saw one for $8 the other day), here’s the nitty gritty. To get started, you will need the gather the following for a one gallon batch (scale up or down as needed) before acquiring a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY):

Organic green tea: I use bagged tea as it’s simpler, but you can use loose leaf. If you want a flavor, go for it. If you want to risk soaking chemical-laden leaves in hot water, go ahead and use conventional rather than organic, but it seems risky to me.

Raw local honey: you could use pasteurized, mass-produced honey but then you lose all the micronutrients found in the magical stuff. I prefer local, Spring honey so I’m working on building my relationship with regional pollens and thereby reducing seasonal allergies.

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I’m Hungry But It’s Too Hot To Cook

I’ve been trying to figure out how to make very large pan-fried tamales, so I have an open can of black beans and some quest fresco in the fridge. I don’t have the desire to turn on the stove, so I took a page from my mom’s very liberal definition of a cabbage salad.

I grated some red cabbage and carrots into a bowl. You could really put any veggies in, I just didn’t have anything else. Tomatoes, bell peppers, avocado, onions — anything you can cut into tiny strips.

Add a few spoons of black beans. Crumble in queso fresco. Squeeze a lime, dust some cumin and salt & pepper to taste. I added a dash of sriracha and some homemade yogurt. Garlic would be good and it’s almost a crime to eat this without cilantro but I’m not going outside.

Stir it up and boom! A light, healthy and cold lunch. Not much to look at but pretty wasn’t one of the requirements here.

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Bárbara’s Dulce de Leche

My roommate was telling me a story of how her grandmother used to spend all day stirring a pot of cream and sugar to make dulce de leche. Her mother evolved that process by using a can of sweetened condensed milk, meaning there is no stirring necessary although it does take some monitoring.


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How To Never Say Goodbye To Your Favorite Lettuce.

I got this beautiful head of butter lettuce from Blue Apron and I couldn’t resist a little windowsill experiment.

I stopped everything and grabbed a spare pot and my trusty Black Gold (I find it necessary to have extra dirt and pots around at all times but especially in Spring). The perfect addition to a counter busy with the makings of a garden salad: dirt. I feel I should add here that I have no idea if this can work — these roots are just so gorgeous I can’t help myself. I was so surprised when I rolled them out...

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