The Unseen

My seer pseudonym is Piff. I took the word for A Sudden Revelation (epiphany, and less directly, Tiffany) and shortened it to Piff, the dopest strain of weed the world has ever seen.

One of the few possessions I brought with me to Singapore when I moved there in 2011 for grad school was a Tarot deck my Mother had given to me as a child. Her father had given it to her in the Seventies and time has worn it with love and reverence. As a foreigner, reading my deck became an important ritual in order to connect and ground my psyche with familiar Archetypes. I decided to delve deeper and ordered online the book 78 Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack. It took six weeks for the book to arrive in Singapore and when it came it felt like a revelation. Reading it was the beginning of my spiritual journey and developing my psychic abilities. It was to my delight that four years later, while living in New York City, I was able to meet, interview and take classes with Rachel. 

Much of my Occult studies have developed in a similar way. There is a calling towards something and my attitude is to follow it and learn as much as I can in order to integrate it as a real tool in my work. I have studied Mayan Astrology, i Ching, Earth Wisdom, Animal Speak, etc… all over the world from Kenya to Myanmar to Northern California. I weave this cultural and spiritual knowledge into my work in a subtle way so that the readings are rich and full of meaning. 

Currently, I reside in Lily Dale, NY in the same cottage that my great, great grandmother owned a hundred years ago when the Spiritualist community was first developing there. Two years ago when I moved I wasn’t sure why I was here but I was quick to realize I had been led to something I had been looking for all of my life; Mediumship. It is a spiritual practice of quieting the mind and connecting to the unseen world and the Ancestors who want to be given a voice and have a conversation. It is the art of bridging the mystery to the mundane and communicating messages and information that is useful, beneficial and essential to humanity's spiritual and emotional health. I am in the second year of a two year Mediumship program in Lily Dale, taught by some of the finest Mediums alive and passed.

It is with great respect that I offer my services for free while I continue my studies. Sadly, Mediumship is widely misunderstood. As of in all the healing arts, Mediumship can be practiced with or without strong ethics by those who are involved. I want to be clear about my own motives, boundaries and practices as a Medium and so I have created the following ethical guidelines.

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